Class - 9 (2077-03-23)


Read the below paragraph and do the activities given below-

Long long ago, there was a powerful king in Crete. His name was King Minos. Other kings were afraid of his string army. In an enormous maze under his palace he kept the Minotaur. The Minotaur was half a man and half a bull. Every few years, seven young men and seven young women had to come from Athens. Soldiers pushed them into the maize. They were the Minotaur’s food.

Aegeus was the king of Athens. His son, Theseus said, “Father, I will go. Perhaps I can kill the Minotaur.” Aegeus Agreed, “When you come home,” he said, “change the black sail to white sails on your ship.”

So, Theseus came to Crete. He waited his turn to go as food for the Minotaur. Minos’s daughter was Ariadne. She loved the handsome Theseus. Sectetly, she gave him a sword and a ball of wool. In the maze, Theseus tied the wool to rock. The sword was under his shirt. He took it out. He walked and walked. He heard the Minotaur roaring. As last he found the monster, and attacked. It was a long fierce, hard battle. But Theseus killed the Monotaur, and followed the wool to get out of the maze.

With Ariadne he escaped in a boat. But forgot to change the sail. His father saw the black sail. He thought his son was dead, and he jumped from a high cliff. Theseus married Ariadne and they became the kind and queen of Athens.

1. Write similar meaning of the following words looking in the passage.

a. Scared

b. Powerful

c. Large

2. Answer the following questions.

a. What was Minos like?

b. Where had he kept the Minotaur?

c. What was the Minotaur like?

d. Why did Theseus want to kill the Minotaur?

e. Why did Aegeus kill himself?

f. Who was Ariadne? Why did she help Theseus?

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