Class - 8 (2077-03-23)


  • Complete page no.61 17. a and b


Read the given story and do the activities given below-


There was once an old man and his wife. They were poor and lived in a small house. One evening a handsome young man came to their house. ‘It’s late’, he said. ‘Please May I stay at night’?

‘of course,’ replied the old woman. ‘our food is simple but you can share it.’ Next morning the young man left. ‘I have not got any money but I have given you three wishes. They will come true’, he said. ‘But be careful how you use them’.

That evening they only had a little food. ‘oh! I wish I had a lively banana to eat!’ said the old lady. Immediately, there was a banana in her hand. ‘You silly woman,’ said her husband. One is now finished and you have only a banana. You are so stupid. I wish your nose was a banana!’ Oh dear! The wish came true. His wife’s nose was a beautiful yellow banana. ‘What have you done?’ she cried. She felt her nose, looked in the mirror, and began to cry. He husband was ashamed and sorry. He didn’t want a wife with a banana for a nose.

‘What can we do?’ he asked. They only had one wish left. Sadly the old man said, ‘I wish my wife’s nose was normal again.’

And so the three wishes were lost. Be careful when you make wishes. They may come true.


  •   From the story, find the words that are opposite in meaning to the following words.

1. Young

2. Rich

3. Large

4. Ugly

5. Early

6. Found

7. Thin

8. Wise

9. Happily

10. Found

11. False

  • Write answers to the following-

a. What did the young man request the old couple couple for?

b. What did he give them instead?

c. What did the woman use the first wish for?

d. How did the man misuse the second wish?

e. How were they forced to use the third wish without gaining any good result? What made them do so?

f. What is the moral of the story?

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