Class - 7 (2077-04-06)


Read the given paragraph and do the activities given below- Poem by Lord Alfred Tennyson “The brook” The poem is personified- Here the small river (brook) is speaking itself and sharing its experiences. This is a short lyrical poem about a small stream that flows down the hill, through the valley towards a bid river. Talking about brook, the poet has told people that human life is short and people can’t live forever but nature will always be there. The river here is an eternal nature that makes people come and go.


  1. Who is the writer of the poem?
  2. What is personification?
  3. What is the poem about?
  4. Who has short life compared to nature?
  5. What do you understand by come and go?
  • Long answer-

a. What are benefits of rivers in our life? Write in a couple of paragraphs.

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