Class - 6 (2077-06-11)


  • Solve the following problems(7,8,9,10&11)


Lesson-1, The poem to young readers word meaning learn all and also do match the following


  • Read the questions answers of lesson 1 Measurement and try numericals from same chapter.


पानीघट्टको यात्रा      


Complete all question from Page-14 and 18.


Lesson -2  (Health and Hygiene)


  1. Fill in the blanks:-
  • Our immunity is made up by the ____.
  • We must have ____ and ____ hair.
  • The scope of personal hygiene is much _____ than that of personal cleanliness.
  • ____ and ____ exercises tone up our  body and keep us active.
  • We must have ____ diet everyday.
  • If there are no ____ in our body, the germs grow and reproduce.
  • Hygiene consists of all ___ and ___ habits.
  • The children need more sleep because their book work and ____ faster than the adults.

2. Cross out the wrong word and write down meaningful sentences in your note book.

  • Generally, six to eight hours sleep is necessary for an (adult/ child)
  • Hot and dirty air passes out of the room through (door/ventilator)
  • We (should/should not) take too much or too little food.
  • The hereditary diseases can be (prevented/acquired) if the rules of health and hygiene are followed correctly.
  • The healthy people have (well- organized/poorly organized) body.

3. Name:-

  • Any two hereditary diseases.
  • Three factors on which our health depends.
  • Any three bad habits.
  • Any six hobbies that refresh you.
  • Any three things that the dirty air contains.


  1. Write ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ against each questions:-
  • Are you a good listener?
  • Do you love meet new people and talk with them?
  • Are you optimistic?
  • Do you treat people with respect?
  • Do you share your ideas with your friends?

2. What are the eight elements of a good personality? Make a list.

3. Answer the following questions.

  • How does the background of an individual shape his/her personality?
  • What do you mean by temperament?
  • How does relationships with friends and family affect one’s personality?
  • What does motivation mean?
  • Does every one change with the course of time?


Answer the following questions in brief.

  • What is meant by modernization in agriculture?
  • Make a list of technicians that are related to agriculture?
  • Agriculture is the main occupation of Nepal. Explain this statement.
  • Make a list of professions related to agriculture.
  • What is meant by animal husbandry? Give example.

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