Class - 6 (2077-03-05)


  • Here are some words from the poem. Use the words correctly in the given blanks.

[Hastily , swaying  ,hurrying  ,beating  , consoling  , far-off , Soldiers , necklace      cousins  , ahead , profusely]

  1. We are ________ to the station. We are already late.
  2. The boys __________ left the room when they noticed the head teacher coming along the door.
  3. I have gifted her  a _________. She is wearing it around her neck now.
  4. The ________ are in a parade.  They do it every morning in the barracks.
  5. After the accident , he was bleeding ________.
  6. The daughters and sons of uncles and aunts  are our __________.
  7. The tress were _____________ in the wind.
  8. Our sun will lose its light and heat one day in ________ future.
  9. Go _________ for some You will see a red building on your left.
  10. After the earthquake damaged her house, she started crying ____________  her chest as she lost her house.
  11. My teacher was _________ me when I was feeling down after losing in a game

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