Class - 6 (2077-02-30)


To Young Readers

Good books are

Bandages and voyages

And linkages to light;


Are keys and hammers,

ripe redeemers,

dials and bells and

healing hallelujah.


Good books are good nutrition.

A reader is a Guest

nourished, by riches of the Feast,

To lift , to launch, and to applaud the world

  • Write down the meaning of the words given below;
    1. Applaud
    2. Bandage
    3. Bells
    4. Dials
    5. Feast
    6. Hallelujah
    7. Hammer
    8. Healing
    9. Key
    10. launch
    11. Linkage
    12. Nourished
    13. nutrition
    14. Redeemers
    15. Riches
    16. Ripe
    17. voyage

  • Complete a summary of the poem by inserting the given words in the blanks.

[world,  nutrition,  healing,   hallelujah,   nutrition,   bandage,  redeemer,  hammer,

key,   connection,  voyage,   motivate,   Gwendolyn Brooks,  reader,   light]

‘To Young Readers’  is a short poem written by an American poet ________. When she was working in a library in her home town, she wrote this poem to ________ or persuade the young readers to read more books. She compares a good book with a ___________ that can be tied around our injury and can give us relief. That means a good book can make us happy by curing pains in our heart. Then she compares a good book as a __________  to light which means a long journey towards wisdom. She means to say that we can visit wonderful places and broadening our understanding. Thirdly, she compares a good book with a linkage to _____________, which means it connect us to wisdom. She further says a good book can be a ____________, __________, or _________. When she says a book can be a ____________ she means to say that if we read a good book our life can change a lot and we can achieve success. It can rescue us from dangers of mistakes. Besides, a good book can lead us to excitement   of   joys. Thus, she terms it as ________. Reading a good book can be just like having  a nice meal which provides us ________. A good book offers a grand meal with wonderful food to a guest. Here a ________ is  a guest who enjoys the wonderful world of book like a grand meal. By reading a good book we will be able to appreciate __________ and begin our planning in our life. Thus reading is wonderful and we must read book.

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