Class - 5 (2077-05-22)


Choose the correct ending to complete the sentence.

  1. Gorey was not worried because

(a) he thought that Kalay was fool.

(b) he had lots of money.

(c) he was not carrying much money.

  1. The owner invited Gorey to stay because

(a) he said that he had  lots of money.

(b) he was a kind man.

(c) he knew that Gorey was Kalay’s brother.

  1. Gorey said that he had

(a) a five Storeyed building.

(b) a ten Storeyed building.

(c) two daughter.

  1. Gorey took the owner’s wife home as

(a) they were Gorey wives.

(b) they were beautiful.

  1. Gorey told the cheat

(a) never to cheat people.

(b) to return Kalay’s money.

(c) never   to tell stories.

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