Class - 5 (2077-03-02)


         1. Give the single technical term for the following:

a) Physical parts of the computer:

b) Group of computer programs:

c) The person who uses the computer:

d) Small piece of row facts:

e) Power supply device which prevents the loss of the data:

2. Choose the best answer:

a) Which of the following is not input hardware?

i) Keyboard

ii) Speaker

iii) Mouse

iv) All

b) Which of the following is processing hardware?

i) ALU

ii) MU

iii) CPU

iv) None

c) Which of the following is power supply device?

i) UPS

ii) Volt guard

iii) i and ii

iv) None

d) Which of the following is software?

i) Ms-word

ii) Ms- excel

iii) Ms-paint

iv) All

e) Which of the following is not storage hardware?

i) Pen drive

ii) Hard disk

iii) CPU

iv) Memory card

3. Answer the following questions:

a) What do you mean by computer system?

b) List the major components of computer system.

c) Define computer hardware.

d) List different types of hardware with examples.

e) What is computer software? Write any two examples.

f) Define the term data and user.

4. Classify the following computer hardware under the given heads.

[UPS , Keyboard , CPU , Speaker , Mouse , Volt guard , Pen drive , Monitor , Light pen , Hard disk , Printer ]

Input hardwareOutput hardwareStorage hardwareProcessing hardwarePower supply hardware

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