Class - 5 (2077-02-27)


  1. Fill in the blanks:

a) Human body is a system and its parts are connected to the _____

b) All the physical parts of the computer are known as _____

c) ______ hardware is the brain of the computer.

d) Computer is totally depending upon the ______ given by the user.

e) _____ supplies power to the computer in case of power failure.

[ Data | Brain | UPS | Hardware | Processing ]

2. State whether following statements are TRUE of FALSE:

a) We can touch and feel the computer software.__

b) User is not a part of computer system.____

c) Volt guard is power supply device.___

d) Joystick is output hardware ___

e) Memory card is storage hardware____

3. Match the following:

Group AGroup B
Input hardwareCompact Disk
Output hardwareCPU
Storage hardwareMouse
Processing hardwareSpeaker

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