Class - 5 (2077-02-17)



  • Tick ( √ ) the correct answer from the given alternatives:
  1. Animals with backbone are called

i) mammals

ii) Invertebrates

iii) vertebrates

iv) reptiles

2.  Which group of vertebrates buries its eggs in soil ?

i) Reptile

ii)  Fishes

iii) Amphibia

iv) Birds

3. The body of segmented worm is

i)   long,round and divided into rings

ii)  long ,round and thin

iii)   covered with a hard shell

iv)  flat,ribbon or leaf shaped

4. The group with the highest number of animals is

i) roundworms

ii) flatworms

iii) snails

iv) arthropods

5. Sea horse is

i) a fish

ii) a mammal

iii) an amphibian

iv) bird.

  • Name the following in one word.
  1. An animals with smooth scales and fins for swimming in water _______.
  2. An animals with flat,ribbon like body _________.
  3. The breathing organs of fish __________.
  4. The animals that live both on land and in water_________.
  5. The group of animals with backbone in their body _______.
  6. Octopus is an examples of ____________
  7. The group of vertebrate whose body is covered with feather and has a beak in its head is called ________.
  8. The only group of vertebrate which gives birth to a baby _______.
  9.  A reptiles which has no limbs for locomotion is __________.

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