Class - 5 (2077-02-16)



  •  Think and Write.
    1. What occupation do your parents and relatives follow? Name any of them.
    2. What occupation do most of your neighbors follow? Name any four of them.
    3. What occupation would you like to follow in future? Give reason.
  •  Write these questions:
    1. Why do people engage in various occupations?
    2. Why do we need different occupations in our neighborhood?
    3. Who helps us to live a comfortable life?
    4. Why must we appreciate our neighbors?
  •  Who will you go to if?
    1. You need to mend your torn shoes.
    2. You need legal advice.
    3. You need to buy  groceries
    4. You need your photo to be taken.
    5. You need to sew a new dress
  •  What benefits do you get from the occupation of your neighbors?
Neighbor’s Occupation Benefits

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