Class - 4 (2077-03-01)


  1. Choose the best answer:-

a. Which of the following device is used in second generation computers?

i) AI

ii) Transistor

iii) Hard Disk

iv) Vacuum Tube

b. Which of the following is not the example of first generation computer?

i) IBM



iv) None

c. Which generation of computer is expected to understand the natural language?

i) First

ii) Second

iii) Third

iv) Fifth

d) ……… language was used in second generation computer

i) Machine

ii) High level

iii) Assembly

iv) None

2. Answer the following questions.

a) What is generations of computer?

b) Write the duration and main components of each computer generation.

c) Give any two example of computer for all five generation of computers.

3. Write any two main features of:

a) First generation computers

b) Second generation computers

c) Third generation computers

d) Fourth generation computers

e) Fifth generation computers

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