Class - 4 (2077-02-26)


  1. Fill in the blanks.

a) The ______ generation of computer was characterized by vacuum tubes.

b) The second generation of computer was characterized by ________.

c) Integrated circuits signified the beginning of the ______ generation of computer.

d) The main concept of fifth generation computer is _______.

e) Portable computers were developed in _____ generation of computer.

2. Write YES or NO for the following statements.

a) Computer can take own decision in second generation of computer.___

b) Currently we are using fourth generation of computer of computer.____

c) First generation computer used high level language. ____

d) Third generation computer used punched cards as input device. ____

3. Match the following:-

e) ENIAC is the example of fourth generation computer. ____

First generationTransistors
Second generationIntegrated Circuits
Third generatinBio- Chip
Fourth generationVacuum Tubes
Fifth generationMicroprocessor

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