Class - 4 (2077-02-16)


                                     MY NEIGHBOURS

  •  Think and Write.
    1.  What is the name of your place/tole?
    2.  Name any two friends from your neighbourhood?
    3.  Would you like to participate in any social work done in your community? yes,how would you like to participate?
  •  Write the name of any four nearest and your relation with them.Also write how you address them in the given table.
Name of neighbour Your relation How do you address
Shyam Lal Pradhan Uncle Shyam kaka
  • Read the lesson and answer.
    1. How did Hirakaji and his neighbour make the linge ping?
    2. Who brought the bamboo?Where was the linga ping made?
    3. Have you ever played deusi bhailo?What do people offer when we play bhailo?
    4.  How do you address your father`s mother?
    5.  What do you call your mother`s brother?

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