Class - 3 (2077-02-25)



History of computer

  • Tick (√) for the best answer:

1. Today’s age is known as the age of _____

a. Game ______

b. Computer ______

2. _____ was the first calculating device.

a. Abacus ____

b. ENIAC ____

3. _______ Invented difference engine.

a. Howard Aiken _____

b. Charles Babbage_____

4. _____ was the first electronic computer.

a. ENIAC ______

b. Analytical engine ____

5. Which of the following computer is smallest?

a. Laptop ____

b. Palmtop ____

  • Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements:

a. Abacus was developed in Nepal nearly 500 years ago.(  )

b. Laptop computers can be carried easily.(  )

c. Modern computers are very big and heavy.(  )

d. Charles Babbage invented radio.(  )

e. Lady Ada Lovelance introduced the concept of binary arithmetic.(  )

  • Match the following:
S.noColumn AColumn B
bMARK-I1889 AD
cHollerith’s Machine1930 AD
dDifference engine1946 AD
ePascal adding machine1617 AD
fNapier’s Bone1642 AD

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