Class - 3 (2077-02-19)


1. Write the numerical of the following:-

a) Three thousand two hundred and thirty-seven=_____.

b) Five thousand five hundred and fifty-five=_________.

c) Seven thousand six hundred and four=____________.

d) Eight thousand four hundred and ninety-six=_______.

e) Nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-one=_______.

f) Ten thousand four hundred and fifty-five=___________.

2. Write the following numbers in expanded form.

a) 2,345=2000+300+40+5

b) 4,470=_____________.

c) 5,068=_____________.

d) 6,096=_____________.

e) 7,777=_____________.

f) 8,081=_____________.

g) 9,099=_____________.

3.  Write the following expanded numbers in short form:-

a) 1000+200+30+8=1238

b) 3000+400+70+0=_________.

c) 4000+700+00+4=_________.

d) 7000+300+90+9=_________.

e) 8000+800+80+8=_________.

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