Class - 3 (2077-02-15)


  • Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct words
  1. Plants make their food in their __________.
  2. When food is burnt inside our body it gives __________.
  3. Most plants reproduce with their ___________.
  4. The ability of feeling of living organism is called __________.
  5. Breathed out carbon dioxide is a ________ gas.
  • Write True or False .
  1. Living organisms breathe oxygen to grow.
  2. Giving birth to a baby is reproduction.
  3. We quickly move away our hand when a thorn pricks it. It is an example of sensitivity.
  4. Faeces are  waste liquid of animals.
  5. Sunflower faces the sun because of the reproduction.
  • Put (√  )  mark for correct and ( x ) mark for wrong sentence .
  1. We breathe carbon dioxide in.
  2. Plants breathe through tiny pores of their leaves.
  3. Flying kite is an example of living things.
  4. Unnecessary things produced in our body are called wastes.
  5. Plant throw unnecessary water through roots.
  • Answer the following question.
  1. What are living things?
  2. What are non-living things?


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