Class - 10 (2077-02-20)


Exercise 1.1

Q No. 6. a) b) c) d) and e)


  • Change the following sentences into Affirmative forms:-

1. Wild animals are not useful.

2. He does not read Hindi.

3. I did not lend her my pen.

4. You need not go to hospital.

5. Kalpana does not remember to do things.

6. Have you taken my pen?

7. Can you see Mt. Everest from here?

8. They did not go anywhere yesterday.

9. Does she often lose her temper?

10. Don’t get your eyes tested.

11. Had he finished his work before going?

12. Do not get your tested.

13. Did they have tea in the morning?

14. I have not many friends.

15. Should we learn from mistakes?

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