Class - 10 (2077-02-19)


  • Write the following on your own words-

1. What is sustainable development?

2. What do you understand by sustainable human resources?

3. Write the 14 districts of our Province (Province No.-1)


  • Answer the following questions:-

1. What is acceleration due to gravity? Write its value and unit on earth’s surface.

2. What is gravity? Give some evidences to prove it on earth.

3. Do the numerical problem from the exercise till no 4.


  • Answer the following questions.

a. What is meant by the cost of production?

b. What is the nature of TFC curve?

c. What is the reason for the inverse S – shape of the TVC curve?

d. What accounts for the U – shape of the AC curve?

e. Introduce marginal cost with its formula.

f. If the total cost of 50 units of output is Rs. 2000, find the average cost.

g. What is marginal cost?

h. Why is average revenue and marginal revenue same in the case of perfect competition market?

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