Message from President

Mr. Bhagirath Rai

Arunodaya Awasiya Secondary School, since its establishment in the year 2052 B.S., has aspired and made constant effort for excellence. It is our privilege to lead such a great academic institution consisting of dedicated staff, outstanding students and an incredible parent community. We thoroughly enjoy watching students grow in an environment that fosters their overall academic and character development. I and Mr. Durga Luitel, the founding members, were both in the field of education years before Arunodaya Awasiya Secondary School. We were aware of the numerous short comings and challenges faced by private school education system. We took up the challenge to establish a center of learning and directed our passion towards imparting quality education at an affordable rate. It was established with very few students in a small rented house. In course of time, Arunodaya Awasiya Secondary School grew abundantly in size and stature, expanding into one of the best academic institutions in the district, offering holistic and quality education from pre-primary to Secondary Level.

We strongly believe that the assurance of student quality comes from a teaching program, delivered by well qualified and dedicated teachers who take care to instill not just the knowledge but also the right attitude and skills in the students. Extra and co-curricular activities are an integral part of the school life in Arunodaya Awasiya Secondary School. The school conducts a range of events from social awareness camps to different cultural exchange programs imparting essential life skills to make them responsible well rounded global citizens.

Arunodaya Awasiya Secondary School is the best in terms of quality education, state of the art infrastructure, extensive facilities and a large number of students’ enrollment. All these efforts have helped Arunodaya Awasiya Secondary School to produce excellent academic results, well above national averages.

Our journey from a small primary school to one of the best academic institutions in the nation envisions the growth of Arunodaya Awasiya Secondary School into a model education hub.